23.dec we had highest bunnyhop and ollie competition.

Only skateboarders wanted to compete and Jürgen “Juku” Sarjas won with 114 cm.

25.dec we had game of s.k.a.t.e and the winner was Hendrik Hunt.


26.dec we had tablefootball comp where Rauno “Kräuno” Tahvonen took the prize.

27.dec park opened 12-20

28.dec park openend 12-20

29.dec we had skaters only day and best trick comp that was won by Jan Harley Karuse on scooter, Raul Urberg on skateboard and Aleks Verbenko in inline.

30.dec park opened 12-20. Bikes only day! Best trick comp.

31.dec park opened 12-18.

1.jan park closed. Happy new year!!

2.jan we had a trampoline competition.

3.jan park opened 12-20

4.jan park opened 12-20

5.jan park opened 12-20

6.jan park opened 12-20. Bikes only day!

7.jan park opened 12-20. Skaters only day!

8.jan park opened 12-20

9.jan park opened 12-20

10.jan park opened 12-20


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